John Childs earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology with an emphasis in Network Management. He was able to land work by freelancing for small businesses to fix computers and other electronics, but John also worked a second job at UPS. His second job at UPS helped him build additional transferrable skills in customer service, but unfortunately, John was let go from UPS in 2014. He continued freelancing for repair work, but John wanted to begin a more permanent career path in the field of IT. Although John had experience and education, finding work was tough, but John didn’t give up. He connected with National Able Network and IT Career Lab to continue his passion.

John enrolled in the EPIC program and worked with his career coach, Kelsey Briggs-Dineen, to conduct extensive career research and pinpoint what John could develop in order to make himself stand out as a job seeker. John decided to pursue his Microsoft Certified Professional certification at IT Career Lab.

As John took the necessary courses to pass his MCP exam, he also attended National Able Network’s JUMPSTART! workshops. From these workshops, John continued to revamp his resume, perfect his LinkedIn profile, and practice for job interviews.

John completed all his coursework and passed his exam. He attained his MCP certification! “It got me back in the employment market,” says John.

Soon thereafter, John was hired by Arctech Recruiting and works directly with IBM management to provide desktop support to over 2,000 employees! John says, “I’d like to extend my gratitude to everyone at IT Career Lab and National Able Network. They’re the cornerstone of where I’m at now. Thank you for the support.”