Joe Simanis, an electrical engineer by trade, began work in a sales position within a technology organization. He continued this career path for many years, and he ultimately perfected his skills in sales. Unfortunately, due to a layoff, Joe was back in job search mode. As he took the opportunity to think about his next steps, he came across data analysis. An insight that helped him become an expert in his sales career was using data analysis and understanding the impact it had on the performance of technology products. This knowledge led Joe to pursue additional training in data analysis as he knew that this new skill could absolutely help his career – especially if he continued in sales.

He wondered whether he should pursue training at a college, university, or other training institution. At the same time that Joe was exploring this possibility, IT Career Lab’s brand-new data analysis track was launched. Joe enrolled and remembers thinking, “This will apply better to what I have worked on in the past, and would be great for a job in the future.”

He began his courses at IT Career Lab and immediately noticed the difference in environment. “In college, many of the classes were in giant auditoriums. This is a small room with a small amount of people. You can walk freely. It’s just a really good interaction….Our particular class was very good…really liked our instructor.” IT Career Lab’s personalized learning structure was just what Joe had been looking for.

Joe’s hard work paid off, and he earned five data analysis certifications including one in Power BI! His other certifications focused on Excel and Access – both programs which are critical to data manipulation and analysis. He was such an advanced student, that National Able Network connected Joe with the opportunity pursue an additional sixth certification!

“I chose National Able Network because I liked the one-on-one relationship with the instructor and the student…I wasn’t convinced I could get that anywhere else,” Joe continues on his future in data analysis, “It’s so powerful. I can’t wait to apply this at a new job because now I see how useful it can be and how much time and energy you can save.”