As we continue to reflect on the recent events of police brutality and discrimination, we want to reiterate that we believe the freedom to live without discrimination is a basic human right. We are committed to actively eliminating hate and discrimination in our communities, states, and country by breaking down the systemic barriers to employment, focusing on those that impact the most vulnerable.

Two years ago, we started on our equity journey. We have talked about the roots of discrimination in every area of our society: employment, housing, criminal justice, education, healthcare, and more. Police brutality and discrimination are pieces of the larger problem. We know there is a lot that must change, and we are unwavering in our efforts to support one another and remain united with our likeminded partners. Amidst the dark moments, we saw many hopeful images; incredible acts of unity, understanding, and compassion that make us feel like this is really the turning point.

As an organization committed to connecting job seekers to employment, we are continually working on ways to provide equitable services. Each day, we will continue to work with job seekers and employer partners to ensure the breakdown of systemic barriers to employment.

We stand in solidarity with the communities we serve.

(Top image credit: Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune. Bottom image credit: National Able Network & IT Career Lab Staff  in Minneapolis, MN.)