Lukasz “Luke” Majzner was in his mid-thirties and after many years of unstable employment and unemployment, was receiving SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits just to make ends meet. He enrolled in the Employment Opportunities, Personalized Services, Individualized Training, Career Planning (EPIC) program, and was introduced to an opportunity to participate in Able’s IT Career Lab training program, which rekindled his longtime interest in the information technology industry. “I’ve always been into computers; breaking down and putting them back together since I was a kid. I wanted IT to be my career. I started going to college, but it didn’t work out,” Luke said.

Luke’s career coach Kelsey Briggs-Dineen encouraged Luke throughout his participation in the program, connecting him with adult education courses to help improve his test-taking skills so that he would be prepared to sit for the certification opportunities offered through IT Career Lab. Luke also needed help with his resume, LinkedIn profile and interviewing skills, all of which he was able to receive through Able.

“[Kelsey] wanted the best for me, so she did an amazing job,” Luke said, noting that he spent about 60 hours each week in class or studying after class, “Whenever I did anything she always there to help. Thanks to Kelsey, I actually took a lot of things more seriously than I usually do. I basically pushed forward and got through it.”

Luke’s perseverance and Kelsey’s coaching proved to be the winning combination. Luke completed IT Career Lab and earned his Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT). To help build his work experience in the IT industry, Luke participated in an internship and gained hands-on experience. Not long after, Luke found a full-time position as an IT Project Employee at the Anixter Center.