Tuwanda Peters, an Information Technology professional with more than a decade of experience, unfortunately found herself unemployed. Tuwanda had been job searching for four months before connecting with National Able Network’s IT Career Lab program to help in her job search. Tuwanda was interested in pursuing her Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification through IT Career Lab, but was also nervous as she had previously tried to earn her certification through a different training provider. “I had taken a CCNA class before, but I didn’t do well,” said Tuwanda. “There was way too much information to learn and absorb in such a short period of time.”

Even though she felt nervous about pursuing her long-awaited goal of becoming CCNA certified, on her very first day when she met her IT Career Lab instructor, Wayne Clark, she felt reassured. “His teaching, for me, was golden! I understood the Cisco world, finally,” Tuwanda said.

Tuwanda took extra time to prepare to take her CCNA exam, but she failed on her first attempt. “Shame, embarrassed, mad, upset – you name it. I was it,” said Tuwanda. “[IT Career Lab Program Manager] Donna Claxton, gently, even with my horrible response and attitude, encouraged me.” Donna reminded Tuwanda that she still had another opportunity to take the exam. During Tuwanda’s second attempt taking the exam, she passed and officially earned her CCNA!

After earning her certification, Tuwanda began working with IT Career Lab Account Manager, Jonathan Kimmel find her dream job. “He was just fabulous and kept in touch. He emailed me job opportunities and just always extended his support,” said Tuwanda. The perfect career opportunity came along and Tuwanda is now the Manager of Network Services at the Waukegan Public School District!

“National Able Network is the best company,” said Tuwanda. “They really help you, and today you don’t have too many [places] that train, support, help you job search, and really celebrate your success.”