Ben Faust worked in the Information Technology industry for almost two decades. His career encompassed working on networks and voice platforms for a multitude of clients. After working freelance for many years, one of Ben’s clients wanted to hire him full-time. Unfortunately, the company was unable to hire Ben due to his lack of certifications. It was then that Ben decided he needed to obtain technology certifications to advance in his career. After researching several training providers, Ben attended an information session and decided that IT Career Lab was the right choice!

Throughout Ben’s time at IT Career Lab, he appreciated the hands-on training from the instructors. “They would do what was necessary for students to achieve the goals they set,” said Ben. “That’s kind of rare – especially in IT training.” 

In addition to training for his certifications, Ben also attended JUMPSTART training at National Able Network which helped him update his resume, practice for interviews, enhance his job search skills, and more! “I hadn’t written a resume in quite some time and by incorporating some of the techniques from National Able Network, recruiters are still calling me to this day!”

All of Ben’s hard work paid off and he earned his Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification! Soon after he received his certification, Ben was able to continue his career path as a Field Services Engineer for Philips. “It’s [the certification] allowing me to move and grow in areas of the company,” said Ben.

When reflecting on his time at IT Career Lab and National Able Network, Ben said that the staff seemed very invested in his success! “Even people that didn’t interact with our training were interested in our success – which was a driving force in our class,” Ben said. “A lot of it came from the support of National Able Network. It was a godsend coming to National Able Network.”

Congratulations, Ben!