When L.A.* moved to the United States, he had extensive work experience in the technology field. In his native country of Jordan, L.A. earned his Master’s Degree in Computer Science and worked as a systems manager and network engineer. However, once he arrived in the U.S., L.A. found it difficult to find a career that fit his prior technology experience and he began working as a manager at a wireless phone store.

L.A. began looking for his next opportunity but was having difficulty. “I sent 4,320 applications,” said L.A. “I had a Master’s Degree and experience, but I kept getting rejected because I didn’t have certifications.”

Eager to return to the technology field, L.A. researched training academies in effort to earn certifications. He found IT Career Lab and called right away to attend an orientation. “The night before the meeting I couldn’t wait until the next morning because I had struggled for a year and a half. I was very excited,” L.A. said.

After the orientation, L.A. enrolled in IT Career Lab, began working with National Able Network Career Coach, Kelsey Briggs-Dineen, and was qualified to receive tuition assistance through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act program!

“My first class was at the Lake Street location, and it was also where I met with my Career Coach, Kelsey – she was amazing! She helped me from the first day until I graduated,” said L.A.

L.A. went on to earn four globally recognized certifications through IT Career Lab: Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MSCA), and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)!

After successfully graduating from IT Career Lab, L.A. felt more prepared than ever to start his job search! “I felt more confident in myself. I changed my plan for resumes and interviews. I remember thinking: ‘I cannot wait until I send my application to companies,’” L.A. Said.

Soon after earning his certifications, L.A. accepted a job offer as an IT Sales Engineer for Philips! When asked what advice he would give to other job seekers, L.A. said, “Tell everyone you know to go to National Able Network! Also, when life gives you a struggle, don’t stop. You will get your own dream job when you work hard at it.”

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*Client wishes to remain anonymous.