Brian Bjerke has always been quick to understand and apply Information Technology skills. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering and a Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Brian was well prepared to work in the field. His first job out of college was in cellular technology, and although it didn’t directly correlated to his academic experience, it was certainly an interest of his. Brian was in this role for three years, until last May when his employer began a series of layoffs.

After being laid off, Brian wanted to update his technology skills to help him reenter the workforce. He came to National Able Network and enrolled in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, which led him to begin training with IT Career Lab.

“I came into the program already expecting that I knew too much, skeptical of how useful the training was going to be, prepared to be “bored.” My ignorance could not have been more mistaken!” said Brian.

Although he was familiar with the basics, IT Career Lab’s courses provided Brian with in-depth and formal education into networking. “I gained the ability to broaden my mind to all the capabilities there is to networking and that it wasn’t just something that I accepted and moved on, but something that has a finesse, or art, and that with the right tools you can really be in control and create really robust and efficient communication,” Brian said.

Brian successfully graduated from IT Career Lab and obtained his Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification! His CCNA certification caught the eye of his current employer and ultimately led him to a new career!

“It was a journey and culmination of many factors…IT Career Lab gave me so much more than a certification, it enabled me to communicate my message which empowered me to get my new job!”

Congratulations, Brian!

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